Welcome to the Zoppa Records™ booklets page. On this page you will find the poems and images from the booklet which is included in each volume of Musical Verses™. The 36 glossy and durable pages help bring to life the beautifully orchestrated music and vocals. Although all the illustrations are found in the public domain they have been artfully restored, after many hours of work, to their original condition. Clicking on one of the image links below will take you to the booklet for that particular volume. Although we allow the use of these web images royalty free we ask that if you use them on your web page that you give us restoration credit and a link back to our site. Thank you for visiting Zoppa Records™

The Land of Nod Wynken, Blynken and Nod Book Queen Mab
Musical Verses™ Volume One Musical Verses™ Volume Two Musical Verses™ Volume Three

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