• Q. What is a Zoppa?
  • A. Zoppa, used in the phrase Alla Zoppa, is an Italian musical term used in musical scores and refers to a syncopated beat. It is also a designation for a rhythm employing a short note on the BEAT, followed by another three times as long or longer (after the beat); synonym for syncopation or with a "SCOTCH SNAP". Think "TA-DAAAA"!

  • Q. What is Musical Verses™ ?
  • A. Musical Verses™ is the title of a collection of CD's of turn-of-the-century children's poetry set to a vocal melody and orchestrated. The Land of Nod is the first volume in the series, Wynken, Blynken and Nod is the second volume. We hope to be able to release one new volume each year from this line. We anticipate at least 3 volumes.

  • Q. Do you plan on a tour for Musical Verses™ ?
  • A. At the moment we have our hands full promoting Musical Verses Volumes I & II & III, if we do any performances this year it will be close to home, Portland, OR.

  • Q. When is Musical Verses™ Volume III going to be released?
  • A. "Queen Mab" Musical Verses Volume III is now released and is available on this web site and through most all digital download sites (itunes etc). It is also avilable through CD-Baby.com and Amazon.com

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